BBQ Cleaning & Maintenance

The Aussie BBQ Cleaning experience begins when a friendly and professional staff member arrives not only on time, but at a time that is convenient for you.

All BBQ cleaning is performed on site, takes between 1-2 hours and we will tailor an individualized cleaning process which will provide optimum results for your BBQ. 

Whether your BBQ consists of stainless steel, vitreous enamel, cast iron or aluminum we stock the right products for every surface type and know exactly what to use.  Aussie BBQ Cleaning products are eco-friendly and  specially formulated to penetrate and remove fats, grease and burnt on carbon deposits. 

Every inch of your BBQ will be thoroughly and expertly cleaned, including all grills, hotplates, stainless steel warming racks, inner and outer casings, roasting hoods, side burners, enamel surfaces and trolleys. 

Not only do we clean all the surfaces that you can see, but we also get to those hard to reach places where grease and fats can accumulate and cause a fire hazard. 

Aussie BBQ Cleaning will also restock your drip sand, hot rocks or volcanic tiles.  Blocked burners are cleared and all gas connections are checked for leaks.



Replacement Parts

Aussie BBQ Cleaning can also replace broken control knobs, worn hoses and gas regulators.  We stock a huge range of spare and replacement parts to suit most BBQ types.

Aussie BBQ Cleaning will restore your BBQ so that it not only looks as good as the day you bought it home from the shops, but it is also hygienic and safe to use.

Tip – lightly spraying canola oil on clean, warm cast iron grills and hot plates after each use will help protect them from rust.