BBQ Safety

  • Always BBQ outdoors in a well ventilated area with adequate clearance around the BBQ.
  • Do not use your BBQ in windy conditions when there is a risk the burners may blow out.
  • Remove all excess fat and residue from BBQ after each use to prevent a fire hazard.
  • Regularly check your gas cylinder valves, hoses and connections for any leaks, perishing or blockages.   To check for gas leaks spray a solution of soapy water onto hoses and connections.  Bubbles will form if there is a gas leak.  Always test the connection to the gas cylinder every time it is re-connected.
  • LP Gas Cylinders should be stored outdoors in a well ventilated area, upright and away from heat sources.
  • Gas cylinders are required to be tested and stamped every 10 years.
  • Always use the correct BBQ gas.  Auto gas differs from BBQ gas and should never be used with your BBQ.
  • Never attempt to repair gas appliances.  Ensure a licensed gas fitter carries out any work (note that not all plumbers are licensed gas fitters)

Women suffer burns as barbecue gas bottle explodes at Springvale South home

Two women have suffered burns to their faces and a man’s hair was singed after a barbecue gas bottle exploded at a home in Melbourne’s south-east.

Paramedics were called to a house in Springvale South about 9.30am on Sunday after reports the gas bottle had burnt three people.

Ambulance Victoria spokesman Paul Bentley said a woman in her 30s suffered burns to her face and legs and another woman, in her 70s, had facial burns.

The women were taken to The Alfred hospital in a serious condition, he said.

The younger woman is in a critical but stable condition, while the older woman is stable, a spokeswoman from The Alfred hospital said.

A man in his 30s had his hair singed and was treated at the scene.

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Total Fire Ban

The CFA will declare a Total Fire Ban on days where the danger of fires occuring is high, when fire would spread rapidly and be difficult to control.

If a Total Fire Ban day has been declared you may not be able to use your BBQ. For general advice on Total Fire Ban days and to check if a Total Fire Ban has been declared in your district today go to .