Yeah… if you’re cleaning a BBQ with a wipe you might need to rethink your decision-making skills. We know there are BBQ wipes out there that are technically meant for BBQs but let us tell you this, if your BBQ is greasy enough for a proper clean you’re going to need something with a little more grit. Hey they’re great for use in between those big cleans, to remove some fatty build up and grime, but even the tough ones just won’t be a match for baked in meat and fat or will they beat good old elbow grease, hot soapy water, wire brushes and more elbow grease.
And of course if that’s all too much and those wipes are ripping and tearing with each wipe, never fear, you don’t need the BBQ cleaning know-how or even the right supplies. Our BBQ cleaning superheroes come with it all… those spiky little brushes, buckets and cleaning products. All you need to be able to do is identify when your BBQ needs a good cleaning and get on the phone or jump on our website to organise a BBQ cleaning service.
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