Just like other household appliances, the more you look after your BBQ the longer it will last. Not only does a well-maintained BBQ make for a tastier meal, it’s also safer and healthier for the whole family.

While a well-seasoned BBQ definitely adds flavour, the build up of carbon deposits on grill surfaces, not only starts to look unsightly, grease and grime sticks to them and bacteria can fester! Additionally, carbon build-up can mean your grill will not reach the optimum temperature and cooking can become uneven.

Treat your BBQ just like your kitchen stove and clean it after each use, excess food scraps and juices should be removed with a wire brush or kitchen scraper. It’s easiest to clean while it’s warm, don’t let the grease and oil get cold.¬†Once or twice per BBQ season it’s a good idea to have your BBQ professionally cleaned from top to bottom, it’s easier then to maintain on weekly basis, and you have the assurance that you are starting with a clean and healthy surface.

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